Beginning Again

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted anything on this blog, and I feel an explanation is in order. Firstly, if you’re a follower and you’re reading this, you’re AMAZING. Thank you for sticking around, and for subscribing to the thoughts of a crazy kid like me anyway. Secondly, if you’re not a follower […]

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Summer in review

Can I just say that this summer has been an amazing experience. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to grow as a photographer, and as a lover of Christ. I’m thankful to have gained the discipline to intentionally be in each moment, as well as meet, love, and encourage my peers/community/family, basically in some […]

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Videographic break

I thought I’d take this opportunity to showcase a few of my achievements in videography. This was an assignment from one of my first video production classes. I was told to create a promotional video for Brockport village. I enjoy looking back on this video to remember how much fun I have with editing and […]

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